About Nikki's

Nikki’s is a ritzy Resto pub in Bengaluru, Karnataka, catering to the youth as their customer base is comprised mostly of teenagers, students and young professionals. The restaurant boasts of a dandy look as well as a nifty feel and was in need of a logo which echoed the same philosophy.


The idea behind the logo was drawn from the target audience for Nikki’s considering their infatuation with quirkiness and love for Digital technologies. The logo in itself is an amalgamation of the text(name) and a chat box which has been to instill a connect with the youth. With the advent of Social media and WhatsApp, the chat box was included to create an instant connect with the audience even with a casual glance. The logo has been kept peppy and urban in terms of the style to emphasize the urban culture that resonates with youngsters.

The logo colors

With Nikki’s being a modern food joint, red was the color chosen which would go along with the peppy urban feel of the food joint. Black was the 2nd color chosen to bring out the impact as black compliments the Red to bring about a nifty look in the logo.

Design Justification

The logo design was kept flexible and the colors were chosen so that it synced with both black and white backgrounds while keeping the identity of the brand intact. The play with the fonts has also been curated to induce a jazzy feel which can be communicated about the brand through the design. The logo is highly adaptive to different background and it does so without losing the prominence ensuring the consistency everywhere in maintaining the brand imagery.