About Fintherp

Based out of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Fintherp Wealth Management is a SEBI registered and ISO certified Financial Advisory firm which helps its client in optimizing growth and maximizing returns in the Financial Markets. Fintherp makes use of its in-depth knowledge of the Financial Industry to provide well-crafted products and services which are most sought after in the Indian Capital Market.


The financial markets are one of the most unpredictable and volatile industries in the world where change and uncertainty are the only constants. We wanted to make a logo which would stand out in the market and since the financial markets are usually characterized by Bulls and Bears, we took a different approach to convey the message of the brand. The idea behind Wolf being in the logo was to convey the message that the brand was not only smart but also dignified and proud of its achievements as Dire Wolves are usually smart and sharp creatures full of pride and honor.

The logo colors

The Golden color in the logo design inculcates the Royalty factor of the brand with the Black color to compliment it on the logo. The color Black was also chosen to signify the bold nature of the brand giving an idea of a firm brand persona in the volatile financial markets.

Design Justification

One of the primary concerns during a logo design need to be towards crafting a logo which would be highly adaptable across different backgrounds. The thought behind the final design was to have a logo which could be used in multiple backgrounds without compromising on the brand’s identity.