JUL 16 2018

Tips on logo designing for fashion brands

Manikankana Das

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With the advancement of digitalisation, there is a rapid growth of emerging fashion brands all over the world. Creating an online clothing brand also comes with the task of realising the right brand positioning. Your brand logo is one of the key design elements which plays a vital role in shaping your brand image.

Logo Design tips for Fashion brands by 01Design - Featured Image

However, the ultimate question is what to keep in mind when it comes to logos for fashion brands. After a thorough research and discussions with industry professionals, we listed below the 5 major points which one needs to keep in mind while creating a fashion brand’s logo.

  1. Understand your target group: The first and foremost task is to understand the market where you want to target. The aesthetics of your brand’s logo is correlated with the target market you are about to capture. Understand the demography of your target group and keep that in mind while you select your brand’s logo.

  2. Realise your brand image: A logo is not just a design, but also an introduction to your brand. It is essential to have an in-depth information about your brand as you go ahead with the logo design.

  3. Figure out the gender of your brand: Mostly fashion brands are divided into men and women apparels. However, there are a few brands which cater to both. While making the logo, have a clear idea on which gender you are catering to. As men and women both function differently, so the logo made for a men’s apparel will be different than that of a women fashion brand.

  4. Make sure your logo is in sync with your brand name: In many cases, the brand names become a part of the logo design. When you choose a logo design for your fashion brand, take a look at your brand name and make sure that your logo design is in sync with your brand name.

  5. Have an icon: If your logo is representing fashion, it’s nice if your logo has an icon which represents your brand value. A good logo has the power of having good interaction with your consumers. Adding an icon in your brand logo will bring out the visual delight in your logo design.

Logo design tips for fashion brands by 01Design - Gucci Logo

Apart from these factors, some of the other design elements that need to be kept in mind are the logo colors, font and the logo mark. It’s always good to understand your brand positioning and choose your logo font and colors accordingly. A high-end fashion brand is more likely to have a minimalistic approach to logo designing than a fashion brand which is meant for mass consumption. Few fashion brand logos which stand out in the crowd are Channel, Gucci, If you own a fashion brand and is Lacoste, Allen Solly, Dior and many others.

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