NOV 29 2017

Redesign success - 5 ways great design completes your brand

Aditya Murali

TAGS : Design, brand, Logo, Branding, marketing

If you are not sure as to what “great design” is, it’s simple, and universally the same: design that translates the brand’s message and character into all its forms, across media like digital, print etc. This is very important if you want your customers to fall in love with your brand or service. Most brands fail because they neglect this “human” connection with their customers.


Here, we have listed the five major reasons why we think great design is necessary to complete a brand’s identity:


  1. It gives your brand “its voice”
    How do you convey that your brand is fresh, witty and for the young crowd? Or if it is about heritage and history and the grandeur of tradition? How do you make your brand sound like a king, or a magician? All these are questions that flesh out the brand’s identity. If a logo can be considered the “face” of the brand, then the brand’s designs should reinforce this “face” in people’s minds without being forceful. Great designers know how to use colours to their best advantage, right from when they start with logo design services which include “the brand book” of all design guidelines regarding the usage of logo and colours.


  1. It makes your brand “a person”
    When a brand looks, talks, behaves and feels like a panda, it is a panda to the customers. This is just an easy example, but that is the secret behind brands. Brands that manage to become more than a name or the product always have a better reputation with customers. This is why graphic design services in Bangalore are so popular. This helps people recall them easier, make them believe they are of superior quality and always think of them in their top 5 brands. Even with the advancement of digital technologies and access to internet, human behaviour will always remain the same.


  1. It gets rid of competition.
    These days, no part of the market is “niche”, with at least 5 products offering the same unique service. For bigger market segments like FMCG and Smartphones, the competition is much larger, with several players both on the global and local scale. The main priority for sany brand in such a scenario is to try and break the noise created by all the players and stand out uniquely. This happens through a combination of communication, design, services and offerings.


  1. It makes communication MUCH easier.
    Great design is also an investment into controlling the market in the future. When a brand keeps its look and communication consistent, more people would know about it. This would make it much easier for them to convey their message. For instance, an ad with Pepsi’s logo doesn’t need to say much, as everyone is familiar with the brand and the product.


  1. The best part- your brand gets respect.
    How can people respect a brand that doesn’t sound or look the same everywhere? Several startups ignore the importance of a corporate logo design and tend to get it done shabbily. However, when a brand’s design language is set in stone, it also conveys stability and confidence in themselves. This helps customers place confidence in them.


At the end of the day, great design always catches the attention of people, and help people understand what the brand is exactly about. It may seem like a small thing to do, but it is very integral to building and investing in a brand and its identity.