NOV 29 2017

A great product and great branding - the unbeatable combination

Aditya Murali

TAGS : Product, Brands, Branding, Design, Logo, Marketing

Everything has changed from just 20 years ago. Back in 1997, Information Technology was coming up in a big way, as technology boosted connectivity for everyone around the world. But today, everything revolves around great user experience that shapes how the user works and thinks. The total number of branding agencies in Bangalore alone is a testimony of how big this global trend towards creating great brand identities has become today.


Let’s make this clearer. Suppose you have an app that offers people the service of ordering any dish they want prepared and delivered to them. This service would occupy a great space of the market that was previously untapped, but people would remain unaware of it.


The first step towards creating a larger-than-life identity for this brand is a professional logo design. A logo represents your company everywhere, and cannot be chosen lightly. Even if there’s an icon or image to be used, redesigning it to suit the logo involves several complex details regarding contrast with different backgrounds, print versions, and colour palettes. Professional designers are trained to correct even the smallest of deviations and errors so that your logo and colours, representing the brand identity, remains consistently picture-perfect.


It doesn’t end there! Wherever the brand is involved, whether it is ads, social media handles, box packaging design or even a simple Flyer, the design language must translate across media. This does not mean just stamping everything with your logo and in the brand colours. It must also look, feel and sound like what your brand would say or do. It could be doodles of different ingredients, or great real-life pictures. This is also decided by the designer, as they create an entire inventory of visual looks that define the identity of the brand across media like print, web and on the product itself.


Great branding, when done right, make brands huge in a matter of months. A great example is Snapchat. When launched, it was a great app that offered expiry on content, removing the commitment people feel on social media about uploading content. Their logo and app design, and their communication, worked together to help make Snapchat the most popular app by 2016, 5 years after its launch in 2011, showing how time is no longer an obstacle to brand success.

This is just an extremely unique example. There are several other success stories that are not as massive in scale, but are similar in nature. By a rule of thumbule, if you observe successful brands, you will see that they generally have great design backing their service/product. This success is crafted right from when the brand finalizes a professional logo design that represents the brand ideals clearly, and helps guide all future communication around it.  

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