OCT 06 2017

How Much Time Does It Take To Create Good Design?

Kamakshi Kamath

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How Much Time Does It Take To Create Good Design?

How much time should a designer take to complete your project?


The answer is, it depends. Ask yourself these questions when you brief a designer:

  1. What is the design for?

  2. What kind of quality am I expecting?

  3. How critical is the “time” factor?

The Taj Mahal, a historic example of great design, took approximately 20 years to build. Of course, we’re not saying that your logo or website should take that long. What we’re saying is, you can’t rush a good design.

Let’s answer those three questions I mentioned up there. That will help you understand the timelines you should set for your designer.

a) What is the design for?

The effort required is different for each requirement. What takes more time - designing a banner or designing a website? It’s a no-brainer.

For a website, the designer needs to first understand the goals and objectives of your business. This may involve a range of processes - right from the basic brief to doing some market research and having all questions clarified. The designer then creates a brand persona and goes into the depths of your typical user’s journey. This helps the designer understand what kind of experience the users are looking for, where they’re coming from, what they expect to see and where they want to go. This process is quite comprehensive, so we’d say it should take a month. Less, if the user journey is not too complex. And more, if you require more pages.

For a logo, the designer must understand your business and target audience, apart from the general font and colour preferences you mention in your brief. Sometimes, it’s best to leave colour and font to the designer, so they pick the best ones based on insights into your target audience and the kind of things they like. Besides this, each element requires an inspiration and a reason that fits in well with your brand image. The minimum time for a great logo, therefore, is one week. Although there are legendary logo designs like the FedEx logo, which were born after going through several creative teams and 200+ designs!

For a regular banner, hoarding or social media creative, we’d say a few hours, provided that the designer already knows your business and that there are no extra hours needed for tasks like illustrations, video animation and photo manipulation. In that case, they might need an additional day or more.

Now that the average time for delivering each type of requirement is established, the remaining two questions should be quite easy to answer.


What we’re saying is, you can’t rush a good design.


b) What kind of quality am I expecting?

Undoubtedly, great quality is what we’re all looking for. The basic rules of aesthetics need to be followed, irrespective of the time on the designer’s hands.

However, if you want a lot of thought to go into the design so that it turns out to be clutter-breaking, it’s best to let the designer take his/her time. Otherwise, you will only get a good looking design without much insight.

c) How critical is the “time” factor?

This is a subset of the above question. You decide the balance between time and quality. A lot of thought can be given to each design to make it more effective, not just appealing. But if time is of the essence, you might want to expect only good looking design.

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