SEP 19 2017

How Design Can Make or Break Your Business

Kamakshi Kamath

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How Design Can Make or Break Your Business

Why do you love a brand? What makes you buy a product or service? Of course, the quality of said product or service. But what made you try it in the first place?

That’s right. It looked good. That’s why you wanted to try it. And of course, if your experience matched the visual appeal, you would continue to be a loyal customer.

Needless to say, human beings are very visual creatures. We’re willing to listen, taste or touch something based on how it looks. Design thus forms a very important part of the consumer cycle, especially in the initial stages.

Let’s show you how.

Design is the first step in a buyer’s decision-making cycle.

Or let’s say, it’s what makes the person convert into a customer or reject your brand outright. Shabby design leads to low sales because your target audience may not even consider your brand. Harsh, but true.

Design is your identity.

It’s like a face with an expression. Your brand’s look and personality is determined by design. That’s how your customers recognise you or the existence of your business. Now, do you want to be perceived as a business with a positive identity? Yes, we thought so.

Design draws a certain kind of audience.

And if you want to get the right kind, you’ve got to ensure your design is right. Want the youth to hang out at your new cafe? Keep the design young and funky. Want the elderly to trust the kind of adult diapers you sell? Keep the design warm and thoughtful. Otherwise, you lose the connect.

Design adds on to customer experience.

Good design understands and caters to your customer. It makes the buying process smoother and helps them understand you and your services better. Shoddy design, on the other hand, ruins your customer’s experience by confusing them right from the time it reaches their eyes.

Design decides how credible your brand is.

Flashy callouts, gaudy packaging and cheesy marketing material are all a huge turnoff. Simple, straightforward and legible design is what attracts people towards your company and makes you look trustworthy. Class goes a long way in running a business and making it successful!

In the end, it’s design that you’ll be remembered by.

It’s what helped you stand out in the first place. And it’s what will stay with them until the end, whether or not they’ll remember the name of your company or an experience with the product or service.

So, get your designs done wisely. Trust us, it’s an investment you won’t ever regret.